Danijela Miric, London, UK

I met Vivien last year at one of the events. I sat next to her in the audience, following my gut feeling not knowing who would be next to me. Well I was sitting next to an earth Angel! ? All I can say is, that this day changed my life. Since then she helped me a lot and I think that I will not be able to pay her back as she deserves. Vivien is guided by archangel Michael and I know that I can trust her completely. Today after several months I had my first healing session with Vivien in London. She cleaned and energised my chakras and gave me guidance and advices to follow. After the session I felt lighter,calm and relaxed. Negative energy is removed.
She is an amazing woman and I thank God for her existence and for sending her on to my life path. The healing session with her was a truly wonderful experience, I’m so much looking forward to seeing you again in London, dear Vivien ❤ Thank you for the beautiful energy bracelet ❤ ?