Telse Schwartz-Thamsen, Möhnsen

Vivien, die Heilerin der Heiler ist eine ganz große Heilerin. Sie öffnet Dein Herz für die Liebe und führt Dich ins Zentrum der Liebe, so dass wahre Heilung statt finden kann. Danke an das Universum, dass Ihr uns Vivien geschickt habt. Danke, liebe Vivien, dass Du Dich unserer annimmst.

Caroline, Hamburg

Liebe Vivien ❤️ Ich möchte Dir aus ganz tiefstem Herzen danken, dass Du mich so liebevoll und mit so wundervoller Fürsorge und Liebe heilst, mich zu meinem Weg führst und mir mein Potenzial zeigst. Du machst das in so einer lieben, verschmitzten und lustigen Art. Dafür möchte ich Dir von Herzen danken und bin Dir auf ewig dankbar. Danke ❤️

Danijela Miric, London, UK

I met Vivien last year at one of the events. I sat next to her in the audience, following my gut feeling not knowing who would be next to me. Well I was sitting next to an earth Angel! ? All I can say is, that this day changed my life. Since then she helped me a lot and I think that I will not be able to pay her back as she deserves. Vivien is guided by archangel Michael and I know that I can trust her completely. Today after several months I had my first healing session with Vivien in London. She cleaned and energised my chakras and gave me guidance and advices to follow. After the session I felt lighter,calm and relaxed. Negative energy is removed.
She is an amazing woman and I thank God for her existence and for sending her on to my life path. The healing session with her was a truly wonderful experience, I’m so much looking forward to seeing you again in London, dear Vivien ❤ Thank you for the beautiful energy bracelet ❤ ?

Jay Hubbell, Waimanalo, O’ahu Hawaii

A little word about a healing session with Vivien: She has a wonderful gift, knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual mind & body & soul. In the time I spent with her, I was cleared of issues I was dealing with in my present life in a very unique way. She has cleared my chakras of dark energies which I had let remain and could not release myself from; for the bright side of my life to sweep right in, as the dark was removed right out every cell, as she dealt with the issues. I am still clear but it is now up to me to incorporate in my life, on a daily basis what Vivien taught me. A truly wonderful and enlightening experience !

Aloha and mahalo nui loa !, Barbara Mullen, Marriage and Family Therapist, O’ahu, Hawaii

Vivien is an angel who has blessed our Hawaiian home and beach with her loving and powerful presence for two different years now. She has worked with me, my son and my husband on our bodies and spirits, healing old wounds and opening our hearts. She has also worked on the spaces we inhabit, cleansing them of old, unwanted energies and making all of us feel lighter and more joyful. I’m a psychotherapist and know that I carry way too much energy that is not mine. Vivien immediately saw this excessive weight and took it off me right away. She has helped me approach my work with a lighter, more loving heart – helping not only me, but my clients as well. Most importantly for me, my heart now feels more capable of love. I saw my husband and son look younger and happier after they worked with her as well. We all now wear Vivien’s beautiful crystal healing bracelets that protect and energize us. I hope that Vivien will return to Hawaii often !

Aloha, T.J. Wead, Kauai, Hawaii

Vivien is the kind of healer that comes along once in a lifetime. She provides strategies and solutions for handling challenges, and she does healing work we may not even know exist. I feel so grateful and blessed to know her and have her in my life.

Anja Kwiedor, Geesthacht

Vivien behandelt mit ihrer großen, positiven Ruhe. Vor längerer Zeit löste sie erstmals meine emotionalen Blockaden. Vivien reinigt mittels Heilsteinen und Channeling von Fremdenergien. Mit den Symbolen der Heiligen Geometrie bringt sie meine Chakren immer wieder in Einklang. Ich bin sehr dankbar, Vivien IMMER an meiner Seite zu wissen !

Joel Rieff, Chicago U.S.A.

Vivien is a wonderful woman with an amazing presence to her. Her skill level as a healer is a gift and her personal charm inviting and relaxing. It is an honor to know her and have her in my life.